Fausto Puglisi Spring 2014 Ready-to-Wear

The best way to sum up Puglisi's collection is tropical, edgy, S&M chic! 
Palm trees, leather on top of leather, and belt strap bras! It's a combination that sounds odd but it works SO well. As you keep looking at each look you probably thought to yourself, "Ok...ok..oh! Oh okay!"

It's the type of collection you wear when you're on "that" type of mood, it's the certain dress and skirt you wear on vacation at a tropical area, it's the belt strap bra & skirt that you want to be out all night and party in, and on certain days the collection you want to be comfortable and shop in! It's a little of everything that molds into this fantastic piece of fashion specimen that you just want to shout out and say "GIVE ME!" 

It's fabulous and I'm lusting...

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