It's going to be one furrrrrry winter! What other way to bundle up than a great fur (faux) jacket? I understand the controversy of people wearing real fur, but I strongly believe in people having the right to wear whatever they want. Myself on the other hand, do love a fantastic faux fur and it's one of my obsessions. Yes, yes, I know I'm obsessed with many different things (shoes, jackets, leather, the list just goes on). So, for me to use the word "obsessed" is a tad much, but I'm only proving a point of how insanely over the top obsessed I am. 

I live in Southern California, so wearing a fur coat makes absolutely NO sense, but why does fashion have to make sense right? It's an expression of who you are or who you want to be that day. If a fur coat molds into my personality and style for that particular day, I mean gosh darnit I'm going to wear it! And with confidence, may I add! While I ignore the head turns and stares. 

I know I just had the whole shhhhpeal of wearing what you want condfidently, but at the same time make sure that outfit you got makes sense even though it's your fashion right to not make any sense, makes sense? 

I'm saying, stick to your winter and summers separately, don't mix a summer skirt that's clearly borderline for the beach and pair it with a fur coat. Oh no! No! No! No! That's a quadruple times over type of NO!

These ladies have the right idea and it's an inspiration for you to rock your fur for winter with WINTER clothes!

Here are some fantastic fur (real & faux) for you to shop:

Meteo by Yves Salmon fur coat
Meteo by Yves Salmon fox fur jacket
Marc Jacobs Dusty Rose Fur And Silk Bolero
Hockley Fox Fur Protea Jacket
Matthew Williamson Fox Fur and Rex Jacket
Isabel Marant Aileen Fur Jacket
Dolce Vita Luxor Rabbit Fur Jacket

Juicy Couture Blonde Striped Faux Fur Jacket (on sale!)
Nasty Gal In The Mood Faux Fur Coat
Alice + Olivia Alita Oversized Shawl Collar Faux Fur Coat
Line & Dot Marabou Faux Fur Jacket

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