So. Couples BOTH wearing menswear or at least mens inspired clothing together. What do we think about this?
Yay or nay? 
Well frankly, its an absolute and definite YAY in my fashion book. I've noted in the past that menswear on any woman would look extremely chic. Well, if it's done right, of course! 
If you're paired off or a lone wolf, it doesn't matter you can make menswear your stable with or without a man by your side. Actual men's clothing on a woman could absolutely work or pieces that has elements of menswear can suffice as well. 

It adds an element of chic and it's a confidence that not many are able to rock. 
But the real question is, why are so many women afraid to rock it? Are they scared to look too masculine? Maybe it's the fact that they're too masculine and they want to mask this facade that they're not...
Hmm...but wait that's too complicated! Oh duh, all women are complicated! Never mind, scratch that last thought. Okay, so what we got down so far is that menswear on a gal is extremely chic. Okay great! But you know, in an odd way it shows this particular type of sex appeal that is extremely attractive. Not the kind that oozes sex right when you see it, but the unspoken mysterious type of sex appeal that every women should possess. It's a lingering oomphhh that people would want to know more, see more, and hear more...they're intrigued! 
Secondly, if menswear on a woman is so chic, sexy and powerful, then why aren't many rocking it like they ought to? Why is that?

 First things first, you raid your father, brother or boyfriend's closet and try on EVERYTHING! It all started when I was 18, I went through my dad's old clothes that he doesn't wear anymore and I just decided that it would work. So I took it ALL! Button ups, sweaters, jackets, and once in awhile PANTS! Even though they were undeniably too big for me, I made it work. Welcome the invention of a...waalaaa! A BELT! 

The button up is too baggy? PERFECT! Pair it with skinnies and roll those bad boys up and expose your ankles. Tuck the front of the shirt in (half tuck) so it gives some shape and not allow you to look like you're homeless and can't afford clothes. I mean, doesn't allow you to look bigger than you are. 

The sweater is too big? EVEN BETTER! It's going to get cold so pair that oversized baby with skinnies, riding boots and pair them with right accessories. 

The jacket is overwhelmingly huge? FANTASTIC! Balance it underneath with something relatively tight on top (woman's button up) and wide leg slacks. 
OR just pair that jacket with the sweater you just stole I mean borrowed from that man in your life. 

It's all about putting it together and taking the time to find every angle possible to make an odd piece work for you. And remember, balance is key! Don't do everything baggy, make sure you offset oversized pieces with something fitting or somewhat fitting.

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