Something is happening with the croc, crocodile that is! It's the ultimate leather, chicest of the chic, the lux to your luxury. It's intriguing to see that a rough & mean looking reptile can transform into a glamours accent in fashion. A touch of it somewhere in your ensemble and you're instantly chic, like a fashion magical wand, *pooph..* and you're croc-ed out to perfection. Wouldn't that be lovely?

In all colors, textures, and sizes it's the luxurious and may I add expensive leather to desire. Many of us desire it, yet few of us can afford it. It's this unattainable creature that we so long to capture. In a fashion aspect, it's not that unicorn that we desire yet can't find, but it's the show quality pet that you see occasionally but is too expensive to own. How are we going to go about this? 

Perhaps, skinning our own crocodile and making our own leather goods, but that's far too difficult. Perhaps, I can use my three wishes from a fashion genie and have croc everything appear right in front of me, but that's far far FAR away from reality. I guess for now we can just stand back, and admire the beastly beauty and appreciate a great croc when we see one (key words, FOR NOW!). 

For the fabulous ladies and gents who can splurge, here are some great pieces: 

Giuseppe Zanotti Crocodile-embossed & mink ankle strap sandals
Nancy Gonzalez crocodile leather tote
Givenchy croc embossed iPhone case
Gucci 'Coda' Sneaker 
Lauren Ralph Lauren Croc Embossed with Equestrian Hardware
Marc by Marc Jacobs Mouse Croc Embossed Ballet Flats
Givenchy Nightingale Trolley Crocodile Stamped 
Lanvin Zipper Crocodile Sac Pochette
Stella McCartney 'Grace' clutch
Stella McCartney Faux Crocodile Case For iPhone 5
Stella McCartney Faux Crocodile Case For iPad 1,2 & 3

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