I do love a great suit, it's sophisticated and chic in my opinion. In any shape or form, you're able to wear it anywhere and it's THE most essential thing you can have in your closet. Not just because it's a classic look, but you're able to wear it to different outings, from weddings to even regular nights grabbing dinner. It's extremely versatile and that's something to gravitate towards.
A suit, whether it's pant, short, or skirt, it's practical and you're able to change it up by changing your bottom and a quick change of accessories you can transform yourself from day to night or event to event. As far as what's underneath the coat, you could wear ANYTHING. Believe it or not, this particular button-up happens to be my dad's from the 80's (so don't throw anything away). Oversized men's shirts, sweaters, and jackets...I just can't live without them!

I'm wearing:
Men's button up (similar)
DKNY jacket (similar)
Alexander McQueen sunglasses
Pants from Thailand (similar)
Zara heels
Cartier bag
Cartier watch

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