I wore this on New Years day and I remembered it being absolutely gorgeous that day. And as I got ready I had the urge to take a bunch of items out of my closet that were tucked away for years. To you know, do the whole new me new year ordeal (ha!). Like this jacket, I got this suede babe when I was in high school. At the moment, Southern California has been bouncing back and forth from low to high 80s everyday, so right now it's not practical, but luckily I have this jacket ready for the unexpected cold. As far as this bag is concerned, I bought this doll around the same time and right when I saw it, it was love at first sight. It is by far the biggest purse I own and because I love little and dainty things it was only natural that I had this gigantic bag tucked away in a dust bag this entire time. It would only make sense to take it out and go around the block to let Vuitton see 2014 for a bit. 

Now, the REAL oldie is this sweater, my mom got me this and another exact sweater in grey when I was 6. Yes you read right, SIX! I’m tellin’ you, never toss anything away because you WILL need it in the future. I'm obviously all about keeping EVERYTHING, but another thing I’m an advocate of is a great tuck and go situation. It’s appropriate for any predicament you're in, with the right mix and match and here's a prime example. For a casual day, of course!

I'm wearing:
Ralph Lauren sweater
Bebe jacket
Zara skirt (similar)
H&M boots
Louis Vuitton bag
Ray-Ban sunglasses
Cartier watch

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