I bought this wallet about 9 years ago, and to this day it's my absolute favorite. There's a simplistic quality about it that I gravitate towards. And besides, who doesn't love a black leather piece, right?

Over the years my bags get smaller and smaller, and my wallets dwindle down to a tiny cardholder to carry the necessities (cash & credit cards -- yes, plural!).  So, it's no surprise that my favorite wallet is just TOO big to carry in any of my bags when my bags are not far off in size. In order to carry this Gucci babe around the block a couple of times I decided to make a little WOC (wallet on chain) action out of it. 

I have a Gucci WOC that I use....sometimes (okay FINE, hardly) and the chain on it is not long but it's absolutely beautiful. So, I decided to use that chain on this wallet and create a cute and dainty bag out of it. It turns out, that I absolutely adore it and carry it around more times then any other bag. It's small (check), light weight (check), & chic (CHECK!). 

Don't dismiss any of your old wallets that are too big, just use a chain from a different bag or even go out and buy one that suits your particular needs. Have fun with it! 

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