On a typical day, black and white pieces are my quintessential closet staples. Don't get me wrong, I love color but I can only handle color in minimal doses. It's quite a problem, every time I go shopping I always go straight to the vibrant section. The magnificent, over-the-top, vibrantly original, the black and white section! It's quite bright over there, most people can't handle it. It's this odd reflex, all of a sudden I see that arm raise up and immediately grab a piece that is black, white, or neutral. Some may say it's a problem and that I need some form of color therapy. 

On the days where I can step out of my comfort zone, the color I would typically go to spice that color palette of mine would be navy or red. I adore the two and I could have it but not everyday, occasional if you will. So, lately I've made an attempt to shake my fashion core and wear COLOR! I took a couple of my closet menswear staples and mixed it with this luscious vintage Elie Tahari skirt & Gucci flats.  

I'm wearing: 
Elie Tahari skirt
DNKY blazer (similar)
Trafalgar suspenders (similar)
Alexander McQueen sunglasses
Gucci flats
Chanel bag
Concord watch

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