One of my favorite colors at the moment is green. Yes, GREEN! Sure, it's the color of life and it may be the color of money and wealth, but mainly it's a Spring color that I absolutely adore. I've been playing around with colors lately and I wore a mint green skirt (post here) that received a wild amount of positive reviews, and at that moment I knew green was making its debut and its here to stay. A great strappy sandal is an obvious choice for Spring/Summer, but these McQueen's are exceptionally special. The color combination and style has got me weak in the knees. For now these bad boys will be bright and vibrant in my dreams, day or night I'll accept it for now (key words, for now!).  But for those who are able to afford these darlings, shop away and enjoy them for me!

Alexander McQueen Colour-block sandals 

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