photo a8e7efad-67c1-49fd-be3e-e8a539c3610f_zpsd1f1b642.jpg
resized 630 photo de89af27-95d8-445c-a004-65b73fc36eb1_zpsafbc38f8.jpg
resized 630 photo b50a6e9a-6b71-45a2-a433-3f27536163fb_zpsf28e6081.jpg
630 resized photo e718b392-ee87-4f06-afa0-738ea606cf4b_zpse7136d0e.jpg
resized 630 photo 4def052a-ee43-44d3-820e-59feae0b6934_zpsde3c10dd.jpg
 photo e1af62e8-281a-4213-9789-42edef1a32cb_zpsa0b5347b.jpg
resized 630 photo 3b425458-42dd-45a6-b7e4-07f8db2c6376_zps6e1f59d9.jpg
resized 630 photo becf0413-78fc-41db-aeff-003932c78e20_zpsd664ca19.jpg
 photo 40c295ea-7cd1-497c-a045-50ebd0c898a9_zpsd955e9a6.jpg
 photo 30aa935c-9d31-426e-838a-d0f7b7e2dcbb_zps81df84de.jpg
resized 630 photo cc7712a8-badd-4231-9426-4d9777f2c6ce_zpsd1039404.jpg

The top crop has appealed to the masses and has definitely appreciate in value. Worn throughout every season, the crop top is an investment that definitely won't lose its value. Different style, textures, and color, we want them all! Pair it with anything and you have yourself a fabulous outfit.

Zara crop top
White pencil skirt (similar)
Ray-ban sunglasses
Gucci flats
Chanel bag

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