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682 photo 5cf3e928-644d-4cac-b9ab-b47d7ee70161_zpsdc5f029b.jpg
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 photo d43336b6-9e72-46b7-9261-556ba20072f1_zps92c2aedf.jpg
Eileen Fisher linen vest || Zara shorts (similar) || Gucci flats || Chanel bag || Ray-ban sunglasses

On Mother's Day, my family and I went to this gorgeous temple in Los Angeles. I walked in and it seemed as if  I took a trip to China. From exterior to every detail inside, it was massive and absolutely beautiful.

 photo 6_zps6827e7b4.jpg

 photo 6f80f95a-7353-4408-ba3e-67b85712500c_zpseffc2dc0.jpg
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 photo 7504b52f-c3d4-4948-817e-7fce9a173348_zpsefcdf854.jpg
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 photo b07432a4-fc17-4437-b3a0-71ef22164465_zps57eea72c.jpg
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