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The gigantic shoe craze at the moment is the (either fabulous or...NOT so fabulous) MULE! I've mentioned before that I was never a huge mule fan, but I've learned and grown to embrace the MULE (caps needed). I've seen fabulous mules that basically converted my way of thinking, and I've seen ones that made me want to grab the nearest trash bin. Maybe that's a tad harsh, but there's no time to be shy here.

With the topic of mules (visually EVERYWHERE), I've came to the conclusion that mules are fabulous. I actually have two pairs of Gucci mules that were purchased about 8 or 9 years ago (circa Tom Ford for Gucci) and granted I was a early teen and I've only worn them less than a handful of times. Believe it or not, but my first designer shoe happen to be these fabulous Gucci suede buckle mules. I can sense the eyebrow reaction from you, and yes I'll say it again. SUEDE BUCKLE MULES, and may I add WOOD shoes. My parents got these for me when we were in Las Vegas when I was 15 and these were not only my first designer shoes EVER, but they were my first pair of heels EVER. So a lot of "EVER" happening on that day, and I'm going to be honest I haven't been in love with them until this day. It's odd that a pair of shoes that were purchased almost a decade ago was under appreciated until now. Since these shoes are still alive and kicking, I decided to give a debut in a fabulous way.

(Photos taken by yours truly)

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