"DRY TRIP": Karol Jaramillo by Sebastian Quintero for FE!

This reminds me of three things.

One. This past weekend I spent some time in LA and did the usual shopping stroll and found THE two perfect pairs of boots made by Saint Laurent. Very cowboy and very what people who know me would say "Really? I didn't know you liked that." And the answer is YES! I've had a tremendous urge to satisfy my inner cowgirl and scoop a few pairs of booties/boots. 

Two. This blistering heat that I call California heat wave. Don't get me wrong I love Summer and I love to spend a nice day in my bikini by the pool or beach with a cocktail in my hand. Unfortunately for me it's no longer Summer and this sweat dripping weather needs to depart ways so I can pack on the leather and layers and more leather. 

Three. Those lazy Sundays watching countless black & white western movies. A whole lot of John Wayne and an occasional Clint Eastwood with a smoking hot leading lady. Who is 80% of the time an ultimate spit fire that you always want to admire. Confidently bold just the way I like them!  

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