Practically everyday I get dressed the same way. I first look for the bottoms to be able to determine the top. After the bottoms are determined and picked out, I go straight to the men's section in my closet (a.k.a. my dad's things that he may or may not wear) and start grabbing. I close my eyes, stick out my arm, and I can always grab something awesome to wear because in my opinion men's clothing is quiet perfect. Something feminine paired with something masculine is something I've always been fond of. The style eludes versatility and sensibility.

This time, I decided to continue my knotting binge and go on with the knot, of the shirt that is. It pairs well and it creates an instant crop. A style I'm always on board with.

Zara skirt . Gucci shoes . Ray-ban sunglasses . Louis Vuitton bag . Citizen Eco-Drive watch

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