Saint Laurent Cruise 2014 Lookbook 

Oh Hedi! I'm just obsessing all over again, I keep falling in love with Hedi Silmane's designs. Everyone knows by now that Silmane has given Saint Laruent a new makeover, an edgier rock n' roll feel that everyone has been crazy about. Every detail in each jacket alone has revealed a message (yes, a message) that "I have arrived and I just don't give a f***" attitude. Yet, with the right styling and pairing they could have a completely different message. They're impeccably made with a rock star quality. Every single stitch and every single metal detail tells you a story of who this woman is when she wears his clothes. Maybe it's Kate Moss, maybe it's Erin Wasson, or maybe it's you! So I say it's time to write your own story.

Now, on to rest...I adore everything! The see-through tops, pants, shorts, dresses, and of course the bags. The YSL tassel bag has caught my eye for some time now and I'm in love. It's no surprise that I like a minimal simplistic look and with my bags I feel the exact same way. To me, when you wear a bag like that you're telling everyone that you know exactly what you want and you're going to be direct & to the point about it (she ain't messin' around).

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