One of my current jewelry crushes is Lele Sadoughi's bold pieces. Known for starting J.Crew's jewelry line back in 2006, she decided to develop her own lifestyle brand (home decor and jewelry) in 2011. Her inspiration for her collections has varied from celestial galaxy to Egyptian deco.

The first time I laid eyes on her jewelry, it was love at first sight. I actually mouthed the word, "Wow!" I respond to her pieces with great appreciation and love for her designs. The shapes, colors, and its extraordinary quality sets her pieces apart from the other jewelry designers. For those who were fans of J.Crew's jewelry line back then, will fall head over heels over her collection now.

Four of my favorite bracelets from her collection (above) manage to linger in my mind day after day, it's absolutely divine. The shapes, texture, and color of these bad boys compliment each other and it works. With the right pairings you could rock these individually or stack them up as much as you want. Get ready to mark these down on your wish list.

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