The intriguing topic of men and the bags that they SHOULD be carrying. 
When you hear bags, most people tend to think of women and their purses, but not men and their bags. Why is that?
It's true, men do carry bags but it's not a worldwide topic that people want to discuss. It's an element that many don't put an emphasis on. 
Maybe they're ashamed and don't want to portray themselves as too feminine? 
Maybe they're just SO into their bags that they don't want other men to know about which chic bag that they're carrying? 
It's intriguing...I KNOW! 

I understand that men have their universal wallets to carry their ID, cash, credit cards, and possibly other unmentionable possessions. I also understand that there are briefcases and backpacks that men carry to hold their things for the day. But what about the chic bags that so many designers have produced for these fabulous men to carry? Why are these guys hiding their fabulous bags? 

Men (straight, gay or both) need to carry more of their bags, it's useful and it's chic. I know some men don't care nor do they know what chic entails but it's something to think about. It adds something to that sleek suit you're wearing or it adds an extra grunge element to your already great grunge look that you got going on for that day. 

So my point is, it depends on how you want to portray yourself fellas. Don't have this preconceived notion and write it off so quickly that a bag is a feminine element of a man's outfit. You can make it whatever you want to be! Just make sure you rock it like there's no tomorrow! 

Here are some bags to test out...

Mismo Canvas Backpack
Ted Baker London Leather Satchel
Steve Mono 'Woody' Portfolio
Ghurka Leather Messenger Bag
Frye 'Logan' Messenger Bag
Tumi 'T-Tech Forge Bethlehem' Portfolio Briefcase


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