From left: Jason Wu | Max Mara | Sportmax | Antonio Marras | Trussardi | Chadwick Bell | Erdem

The peak-a-boo bottoms, as I like to call it! It's an unexpected bottom that is showing off the legs that yo mama gave you (and possibly your bum)! A sheer cut-out revealing a subtle hint of leg that is just teasing us all, OR the whole entire skirt is just plain sheer! Two different ways to peak-a-boo. I mean wearing a sheer bottom could be a lot cooler and breezy for next spring so it could work for climate purposes. But, let's really think about it, how many of us will rock the "I'm wearing a skirt that you can see my underneaths covering my whoo-ha & hee-hee through my skirt," skirt?

Confidence will absolutely have to come into play and who knows maybe I'll rock one with my head held up high, while I strut up and down the supermarket! And with confidence may I add! 

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