It's truly ALL about the details, whether you're male or female it's extremely important. Paying attention and adding personal touches here and there can go a long way. The real question is, why don't men take that extra time in those details to make themselves look well put together? 
Why do they think it's so hard?

When in fact, it's the simple touches like a pocket square, tie clip, or even suspenders that will can make a gigantic difference. Not only do you look sharp and put together, but everyone is going to think, "wow now that's an individual that takes care of themselves and wants to be well presented." Yes, we live in a world where physical appearance is everything and that starts with what you're wearing. Detailed touches is JUST as important as wearing shoes before leaving the house. It's your personal style and you'll feel naked without it.

Since every man has their own personal touches to make their style, here are great places to shop:

Saks Fifth Avenue
Ted Baker
French Connection

And for those guys who don't know what they're looking for, here's a little bit of help:

Topman Navy Geo Poly Pocket Square
Trafalgar 'Wyoming' Suspenders
Trafalgar Stripe Suspenders
David & Young 'Softer Than Cashmere' Plaid Scarf
Vivienne Westwood striped suspender (ON SALE!)
RAKE Birdseye-knit silk scarf
Lanvin bi-colour pochette
Bottega Veneta double intrecciato bracelet
Bottega Veneta intrecciato torque bracelet
Lanvin Mother of pearl gold-plated tie clip
Lanvin Gold-plated bar cufflinks
Cerruti 1881 Paris Round-frame sunglasses

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