Freezing Sundays calls for comfortable boots and thick coats. The crisp cold air on your face, the crunch sounds of leaves on the ground, and warm layers piling on your body paints a vivid picture of how December should be. I can't deny that it's been absolutely freezing lately here and it's a nice change from the blistering heat. Since I'm putting my tank tops and mini skirts back into the drawer, my favorite thing to wear on a day off in this cold weather is something comfortable yet chic (aka leggings).
Leggings? Are leggings chic enough to be even considered in the same category?

Plenty of fashion forward ladies would say that leggings are a sin and that it should stay back in the 80s. Perhaps, reconsidering the ultra-comfortable legging and pairing these comfort loving bad boys with the right coat, bag, and shoes. Layer, layer, and give it some more layer to possibly mask the legging and view your main attention to your fabulous outerwear. And what better way to do that then to pair an all black number with a pop of brown (vintage Gucci clutch) to add some color. 

Zara coat
Zara jacket
Tart leggings (similar)
Allen Solly men's sweater (similar)
Ray-Ban sunglasses
 Boots (similar)
Vintage Gucci Clutch

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