Southern California - weather forecast has been wishy washy throughout the month of December. Normally for us ladies here, 60 degrees is FREEZING! Yes, so sad...I know! While other locations on the globe, 60 degrees is warm and people are ready to get their beach towels to layout in the sun. However, lately it's been quite cold, so when my weather app tells me that it's going to be in the mid 60's, you bet your ass I'm going to have em' stems out. Sunny and warm, yet cold so it's only appropriate to wear a thick warm coat and expose the legs that yo' mama gave you. Can you blame me? Just trying to take advantage of the warm weather. 

Pairing an all black number with a touch of green is something I'm all about. I'm usually parading in neutral colors every single day, so a majestic deep green coat is absolutely perfect to brightened up my wardrobe. This coat actually was my mom's in the 80s and I went "shopping" in her closet one day and just grabbed a bunch of fantastic finds. I'm telling you, NEVER toss anything out! I would underline 'never' 5 times if I could, just engrave it in your mind! I paired this vintage babe with some modern pieces and this coat instantly came back to life. 

One of my favorite, I mean FAVORITE styles at the moment, is menswear inspired clothes and accessories. There's something about masculine pieces on a feminine frame that intrigues me. To me, it's extremely sexy for a gal to rock actual menswear pieces or inspired items. Playing with oversized and tight clothing, and integrating it into one outfit is a style that is simple, minimal, and feminine in opinion. It's absolutely classic.

I know you're thinking, feminine? Well, ya!
I've written a post in the past (here), about masculine clothes on us gals and I'm tellin' you it's extremely chic. 

Oh, and not to mention the oxford babes I got recently from Mango. Babes, right? I was searching high and low for the right pair and somehow I magically found it and it was like a perfect match in shoe heaven. It literally was love at first sight, and so far I've paired it with EVERYTHING, literally. It's a great investment, but unfortunately during Cyber-Monday they were completely sold out in every size. Just keep searching if you're looking for a pair, they'll come to you.

I'm wearing:
Halogen sweater (similar)
H&M skirt (no longer available)
Vintage Michelle Stuart coat (similar)
Mango oxford shoes (no longer available)- similar
Chanel bag
Fendi sunglasses

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