The month of December calls for hectic schedules and last minute holiday errands. So, the question is, what do you wear? Even for that quick errand that you know you'll be back home in 20 minutes. The errand where no makeup nor hair product will be touched, let alone be glanced at. So, what will it be? 

I'm a true believer in looking presentable even on your quick errand runs. Not because of who I might bump into, but the fact that I, myself DO NOT want to look like a complete and utter bum. It's just not in my book, PERIOD. So, when a no makeup and no hair plug-in operated product is in order, I love to throw on that beat up baseball cap. To you know...hide the necessary. It changes lives, I'm tellin' you! You don't want people to see the no make-up effort so what better way then to hide just a bit.

From the neck down, it's a different story. Oversized men's sweater and fabulous boots. Simple, yet to the point! I mean, you're running an errand for goodness' sake. An all black comfortable yet chic effort and a hat, and we have here a fantastic "I'm in a hurry, gotta do this quick errand" look.

I'm wearing:
Zara coat
Calvin Klein men's sweater (similar)
Tart leggings (similar)
Chanel WOC bag
Gucci boots

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  1. What a lovely coat, I really like the length of it!

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    Thank you!! <3