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The denim bandwagon is here and it's going to stay for awhile. The fabulous denim trend have come and gone, but it's making a comeback. Denim with leather, denim with denim, and even denim with couture. It does make one fabulous concoction and the best part is that the "it can be paired with everything and anything and it's working" is absolutely WORKIN'. I've seen fabulous guys pairing a denim jacket with their suit (dress shirt under a sweater, under a denim jacket, under a suit jacket). Oh it's happening, AND WORKING! There's a quality that denim possesses that we're going crazy over. Maybe because it's versatile and you can pair it with absolutely everything. Or maybe because there's shades from the rainbow (and more) that you can choose from, mix and match with, and rock like denim is the only thing in your closet. Not only am I an advocate but I encourage it. Rock your denim which ever way you can and have fun with it! 

On a side note, this fabulous leather coat, I KNOW! It's sort of beat up (because, I've worn this since I was in middle school), sort of fabulous and kind of perfect. I love pieces that can stay in my closet and it will still stay in style or will eventually go back into style. There's no wonder I always gravitate towards those go-to staple pieces in my wardrobe. And it doesn't hurt that it's black AND leather.

I'm wearing:
7 for All Mankind jeans (similar)
Forever 21 denim button up
Zara heels (similar)
Fendi sunglasses
Gucci wallet

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