The best thing about a pant suit is that you can wear it practically on any occasion. You're able to dress it up or dress it down with a quick change of accessories. You don't know what to wear tonight? PANT SUIT! It's one of those universal looks that every women should have. Essentially it's a quintessential closet staple that should be ready and available at all times. Just like the LBD (little black dress), the PS (pant suit) is NECESSARY. Either in different colors, styles, textures, prints, I mean the list just goes on. You can't go wrong with a suit, whether it be a short, pant, or skirt suit, INVEST IN IT immediately! It's timeless and classic, and now THAT is what a women should be. 

When people hear pant suit, they think of work, but in my opinion it's far from that. I tend to dress how I feel and what my mood tells me to wear, I obey and do what it says (very demanding, I know!). There's a misconception of work attire being JUST for work, but ladies and gents there's nothing sexier than a fantastic suit when you grab a drink with your pals or buying groceries at the market. There's this confident air about you that WILL make your day better, trust me! It's like magic...

I'm wearing:
Elie Tahari coat
DKNY blazer (similar) ON SALE!
Elieen Fisher top
H&M pants
Zara heels
Cartier watch
Cariter bag
Alexander McQueen sunglasses

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