Oh Kelly! Why must that name be so graceful like the famously remembered classic beauty, Grace Kelly? Well, because every bag that embodies grace, class, and simplicity has been named after the one and only. Mark Cross, a brand that has been around for over a century has created a bag so fabulous in 2012 that it makes me weak in the knees. Very 50's, very structured, and very simple. Everything that I adore! I do love an occasional large bag (hardly), but a small and dainty bag does the job done and well may I add. Especially when the construction was thought out and carefully structured such as this box beauty. In a few posts back, I mentioned my love for a great bag with structure and this definitely makes the cut. I'll take one in every color please & thank you!

There's also a long strap to conveniently wear it on the go with no hands involved, worn in whichever way fancies you. Matchesfashion has a variety of colors and sizes to choose from, even the studded accents for a more modern flare. 

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