By now I've been overly obsessed with menswear that I, myself can't turn down a fabulous piece that screams out, "Nicoleee...Niccooolleeeeee...Nicoleeeeeee!!" I believe that it's one of my top weaknesses and I probably should get help. In my mind, I'm thinking that guys can wear all of these fabulous pieces and why not me? Female. Woman. Lady. Wear the same thing. I saw these cuff links and this mens tuxedo shirt and thought, why not? So I paired it with one of my favorite oxfords that I bought when I was 18. These Gucci leather and metal darlings were tucked away in my closet collecting dust and it was extremely unfair for them to not come out on a cold and cloudy day.

Now on to the WOC (wallet-on-chain), I've had a post awhile back on making your wallets into something that you would want to wear. I had a larger wallet that was just impossible to put into my tiny bags, and now this smaller wallet I could proudly add to the list of wallet to WOC in my closet. It's actually quite nice, I don't have to worry about it and you could have fun with it. Carry another clutch or even wear it by itself. With a cute WOC that looks like it's part of your outfit, it's not as heart breaking when you ditch the clutch.

I'm wearing:
David Donahue mens tuxedo shirt
Zara shorts (similar)
H&M rings
Gucci wallet (similar)
Gotham Decay clutch
Gucci oxfords
Fendi sunglasses