Chilly days calls for furry things, may it be a vest, jacket, top, or even a bag. It's one of those go-to items in your closet that makes you feel so warm and fuzzy inside (on the outside too of course). One of the best things to do on cold days is to layer. Layering can transform a look instantly, especially mixing textures and colors.

I paired a few of my wwillthebest necklaces with my diamond necklace to keep going with this layering ordeal I have going on. There are pieces of jewelry that you refuse to take off regardless of whether you're in the shower, sleeping, or even working out, IT NEVER COMES OFF! And that for me would be my diamond necklace. But, sometimes there are other jewels that I want to sport without taking it off, so my only option is to layer. I love layering dainty necklaces together whether it's same length or even mixing hardware, I do em all! I don't have any particular rules or restrictions, in my opinion if you feel it, do it! Have fun with it.  

I'm wearing:
Wwillthebest necklaces
Kensie faux fur vest
Zara leather moto jacket
Zara pants (similar)
Ray-ban sunglasses
Chanel bag

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