The other day I decided to do a well needed spring cleaning and in the process I found some great gems. I discovered a variety of great finds, such as, short and pant over-alls, beachwear, and some fabulous belts. Belts that my mom wore in the 80s and this in particular was a real delight. Black and white with leather and fur, and silver hardware. I believe that, that alone was enough said. It's one of those universal belts that could be paired with practically ANYTHING! This piece quickly became my frequent go-to, to add a touch of texture and character to an ordinary look. 

I'm wearing:
Zara shorts
DKNY blazer (similar)
La Perla lace bra
Fendi gold chain necklace
Mango oxfords (similar)
Ray-ban sunglasses
Concord watch
Chanel bag

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  1. Love this look..I love the blazer with shorts and belted its even more chic. I design and write about jackets, check out my blog at jacketsociety.com/blog