Monk Straps.

I snatched these monk straps after the holidays and I was ecstatic. I've been looking for the perfect pair for quite some time now and these fit the bill. They're pointed toe, black, and double strap. Check, check, and CHECK!!!

Now, let's talk about weather. I live in good ol' sunny California and our winters are short. Well, short as in, it's not rare to find people laying out in their bikinis in February. So, what to wear? There's a frequent change in temperature and the main question always comes down to...what the heck am I wearing today? What better way than to pair a leather mini skirt with a thick shaggy coat. Extra layers never hurt anyone and adding masculine touches is always a good idea.

Asos coat . Vintage men's dress shirt . Zara skirt . Chanel bag . Truffle shoes . Celine sunglasses

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