During the winter season, one great thing that always come out of the cold weather, is a great sale. Men's to women's, they're all great and all affordable. I snatched so many great items during the sale that I'm still trying hard to wear them all. One great item I purchased was this men's knit sweater from Zara. I saw it laying there with a gigantic pile of knits and I grabbed it so fast, like it was a natural shopping reflex. I didn't care what size it was and I didn't care how it fit. I didn't even try it on, but I knew it would look great on me because its sole purpose was for those lazy days or those Sundays that makes you want to stay warm and be nothing else BUT comfortable. 
Over the years, I've never been shy to wear men's clothing and you bet your bottom that I'm going to snatch the best of men's sales. Next time, head over there and see what they have. You never know, you might find a ton of things that you adore.

Zara men's sweater . Zara bag . 7 for all mankind jeans . Mango shoes . Ray-ban sunglasses

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